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Synagis is a monthly injection recommended for infants born before 35 weeks gestation, or with a history of chronic lung disease or congenital heart disease requiring daily medications. 

Synagis MUST be authorized by your insurance company or medicaid. This requires a copy of the baby's NICU discharge summary and a recently documented weight by a physician. Synagis is a very costly medication, injections will  NOT be given without the proper authorization from your insurance company.  

Insurance has drastically cut coverage of synagis to only infants born before 29 weeks gestation, or with chronic lung disease or congenital heart disease and for a maximum of 5 doses. If your insurance denies synagis for your baby, AstraZeneca has a program that will provide the medication free of charge if your family meets the liberal guidelines. Your can access this information at 


You can also access more information about synagis at   

If you are calling to schedule synagis, prior to calling, have your NICU discharge summary faxed to 561-218-3169

with a copy of your last pediatrician visit. 

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